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Your home is probably your biggest investment and your roof is its first line of defence from the elements.


It needs specialist treatment to ensure that it keeps doing what it is designed to do – keep the weather outside. Traditionally, the only way of cleaning your roof was to get up on there and scrape the moss off and power wash it.

Not only is this ineffective as it does not address the cause of the problem but it is actually very damaging.

Concrete tiles have a fine outer layer of specialist sand and adhesives that give them their weather proof qualities. Powerwashing removes this layer, leaving your roof vulnerable to the elements and promotes further damage.

We have all seen the effects of power washing on man-made slates and the damage it can do.



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Rooftex is different. Rooftex is recommended by the manufacturers of concrete, synthetic and natural roof tiles and slates as we cause NO DAMAGE to your roof. By treating the cause of the problem Rooftex are able to ensure that your roof not only returns to its natural, clean state but that it will stay that way for longer We NEVER walk on your roof and NEVER use harmful chemicals.

Why is my roof dirty?

Most people will not notice that their roof is looking dirty until moss starts to grow on and in between the tiles. However, moss is one of the last plants to start to grow. It all starts with algae. Algae is a very basic plant that has existed for almost as long as the earth. It starts to colonise anywhere it can find shelter, moisture and nutrients. The joints between roof tiles is an ideal location.

Once the algae becomes established, the roof will start to look dull and darker. This is often not noticed on black tiles and slates. The algae attract other organisms like fungus and lichens.

The fungus will darken the roof further and the lichens produce an acid so they can etch themselves onto the roof. Lichens are usually yellow or white and can look like bird droppings. Once these have established moss starts to grow between the slates, with their roots penetrating deep under the overlaps.

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The one thing that all fungus, lichens and moss have in common is that they live symbiotically with the algae. By killing the algae, we cut off their food supply. They then die and the roof starts to get cleaner and cleaner.

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Rooftex has developed a specialist biocide that will target and kill the algae WITHOUT doing any harm to your roof. This biocide is applied to the roof using a system called Softwashing. As its name implies, it is the opposite of power washing.

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Totally Safe No Damage

Softwashing uses water fed telescopic poles to saturate the roof with biocide. Our biocide hunts out and destroys the cell walls of the algae, which kills it instantly. The biocide is then rendered inert and will break down naturally, causing no harm to the environment.

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Scientifically Proven Will Work

The biocide is positively charged and the cell walls are negatively charged. The effect is similar to putting two magnets together. They cannot help but be attracted to each other. This means that our biocide will kill all the algae in the cracks, crevices and joins in the roof.

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Moss Removal moss, algae & litchen

This, combined with the fact that we can treat most roofs from the ground mean that damaging your roof by walking on it and power washing it is a thing of the past.

moss removal roofs ireland