What can I expect with a Rooftex treatment?


The algae, fungus, lichens and moss – known as biomass - on your roof have taken several years to grow and establish. They use acids to etch onto the tiles and complex root systems to hold themselves in place. It will take time for these organisms, even when dead, to disappear completely.

When Rooftex treat your roof we will apply the biocide using the Softwash system. The biocide goes to work instantly and starts to kill the cause of the problem – algae.


A roof treatment can take anywhere from a couple of hours to all day, depending on the size and shape of the roof.
The initial effects can be noticed almost immediately as the algae cell walls open and the red / brown colour inside floods out.

With the algae dead, the moss will start to die and turn brown. Within two weeks this will be very apparent.


moss on roof


Moss will be blown away with the wind or be washed into the gutters by the rain.

We usually advise that the gutters are cleaned at this stage so that they don’t get blocked by the dead moss.
The lichens are also now dead, but because they have etched themselves onto the roof, will take longer to disappear.

Within two months, the roof will be looking brighter, the moss will be dead and will mostly be blown away. The lichens will be losing their grip and will also be getting washed away with the wind and rain.

As a rule of thumb we allow one month per year for the roof to come clean. If your roof is six years old, it will take six months. If it is ten years old it will take ten months. However, each roof is different and site conditions (overhanging trees, north facing etc) play an important part.

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